Garden Lighting

Arcbright specialise in garden lighting. We can deliver all of your power requirements in and around the garden. Water features, electrical pond equipment, automated gates, plus, all other electrical requirements to buildings such as summer houses, garden offices, garages etc.

We have a depth of experience working with Architects, Designers and Landscaping companies, as well as property owners working on any size of outdoor electrical project. We have a keen understanding of the latest products making us one of the leaders in the garden lighting companies in the area, and we would like to think the electrical industry.

Professionally installed garden lighting will provide a completely new dimension to your garden by night. Interestingly, it will most likely motivate you during the daytime in creating interesting features you can light up at night. Couple the new garden lighting with a water feature and the perfect way of de-stressing from the toils of the day could be yours.

Our garden space is so undervalued, create an impression with expertly installed garden lighting will form an effect that you will want to revisit again and again, as well as encouraging you to invite your friends to join you in the garden after dark, for drinks and snacks in a tranquil environment.

As you would expect, all of our installers are part P certified. This provides you with the peace of mind that your installation will be installed safely and according to the latest electrical regulations, and the correct documentation will be issued once the job has been completed.

Remember, no matter how big or small your garden, the introduction of garden lighting will transform its character after dark. We also take the view that you may wish to start small and on that basis we don’t mind how big or small your project may be, we will provide you with a professional service from the first to the last.